Apps4.Pro Tasks - a central hub to manage all your tasks in different task management systems

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What is Apps4.Pro Tasks?

Apps4.Pro Tasks is a simple add-in which acts as a central hub to manage all your tasks from different task management systems (SharePoint, Planner, Project, Outlook, Trello ). You don’t have to worry about the system which manages the Plan/project in which you are working on. It will simply show you the respective user interface according to the context. You can access this add-in via Web, OWA and Outlook clients in Windows and Mac.

What it will do?

You can perform the following actions from Apps4.Pro Tasks irrespective of the system the task lives in.

How it works?

Its fetches all tasks irrespective of system on which it was and lists it for simpler and effective management. You can able to Update or assign tasks to users from here and it will be synced back to the respective system from where it was fetched.

What to expect for now?

Currently we are working on bringing you the tasks from Microsoft Planner and SharePoint. After this release we will start working on Outlook and Trello.

Features scheduled for this release

View ‘My Tasks’ from SharePoint and Planner

Lists all Planner Plans / SharePoint tasks list

Edit Planner task

What is the difference between Apps4.Pro Planner and Apps4.Pro Tasks add-in?

Apps4.Pro Planner - is a desktop tool (Outlook vsto add in) which works on your Outlook desktop client and syncs Planner tasks with Outlook tasks. This add-in targets end users who prefers to use this add in within their Outlook.

Apps4.Pro Tasks - is a web service which can be accessed from Web, OWA, Outlook client (Mac & Windows). This add-in brings you the tasks from Planner, SharePoint, Outlook, Project and Trello to a central hub which allows you to manage tasks easily irrespective of systems. This add-in targets admins who prefers to deploy it for their tenants.

Update Now all the above features are generally available.

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