Copy / Move Tasks between Plans (Including Attachments & Conversations)

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Currently in Planner you can able to Copy / Move tasks between Buckets in a Plan. This is the big limitation for users who gets tasks that spreads over Plans. Example: During Employee onboarding process the task needs to be moved between plans starting from HR Team to IT and Accounts. During this process when a team completes the task it needs to be moved to another Plan for assignment. With the current Planner design you need to create tasks in each plan and assign it. This is really time consuming and cumbersome for users to manage as they need to depend on tasks from other plans.

Apps4.Pro Planner Manager gives you the ability to Copy / Move tasks between plans including its attachments and conversations. All you need to do is to select the tasks that needs to be moved to another plan and hit action button and click Copy / Move tasks and select the target Plan and Bucket. Don’t forget to check ‘Include attachments’ and ‘Include conversations’ boxes if you want to migrate those to different plan.

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