How to Integrate Microsoft Planner with Outlook

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Enterprises started using Planner and find it very easy to collaborate with teams and to get tasks completed more effectively. Planner makes task management more easy and effective. Thus managing tasks from multiple sources becomes cumbersome for users and they need all their tasks to be in Outlook for better visibility and management.

Think of managing Planner from Outlook with the ability to perform all actions and getting Planner tasks synced with Outlook tasks /calendar with nice reminders for each task. Keeping these difficulties in mind we have developed a simple Outlook add-in that adds feather on your hat. Its Apps4.Pro Planner.

This add-in works on top of your Outlook and helps you in following ways.

Integration with Outlook tasks

Create new task from email in Outlook

Sync tasks from Outlook to Planner

Reminder on specific date and time for tasks

Access Planner tasks from Outlook and check status on them

Group tasks by Bucket / Progress, etc..

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