Microsoft Teams tenant to tenant migration with Planner, OneNote and Wiki tabs

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Microsoft Teams is an excellent communication and collaboration tool as it combines all users in your organization to chat, video calls, file storage, and other Office 365 app integration in one place. Microsoft Teams is the widely accepted and adopted tool for enterprises using Office 365.

In some instances, the Teams and its channel needs to migrate from One Office 365 Group to another. It can be in the same tenant or another tenant. Some cases are:

“Move Teams and its Channels for information flow between different departments. “

In the case of company mergers or acquisitions. In Case 1 – the migration of Teams is between the same tenant but to different Office 365 Group. In Case 2 – the migration is between 2 different Office 365 tenants.

Apps4.Pro Teams Migrator is the pioneer and real migration app for Microsoft Teams, which handles both these cases. This app migrates not only the Chat, Posts, and Files but also migrates Microsoft Planner, OneNote, and Wiki data as well. Hence Apps4.Pro serves as the complete migration app.

Apps4.Pro Team Migrator is available as a browser extension in the

Microsoft Edge addons store. You can add it from the store to your Edge browser and configure it for migration.

Now let us jump in and see how it works - It works in just three simple steps.

Step 1:

Create new jobs in the app for migration. A job is nothing but the set of configurations to save and run at any time.

Step2: User Mapping

The app will map the users in source and target tenants by itself.

Step3: Target Tenant Settings

In this step you can decide to create new Office 365 group for your team or can use existing available Group to migrate the Team in the target tenant. Now you can Save this job or start the migration.

As Microsoft Teams is heavily integrated with useful services; this makes the migration of the Microsoft Teams to another tenant tedious. With “Apps4Pro Teams Migrator”, we are making the tedious migration process simple.


This app is available for 15 days free trial from Edge and Chrome web app store

Edge Web Store:

Please write to us at the below email address for questions.