What’s new in Apps4.Pro Migration Manager v3120 release?

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Today we are happy to share the release of the latest version of Apps4.Pro Migration Manager v3.1.2.0. Here is the change set for this release.

MICROSOFT TEAMS 1:1 CHAT Total number of messages available for migration per user and Total migrated messages per user is added in the report. This helps the admin to plan the migration accordingly.
MICROSOFT TEAMS CHANNELS Use ‘MailNickName’ in CSV as the parameter to select the Teams for migration.
Teams OneNote Class assignment migration performance improved, and minor issues fixed.
GENERAL – CENTRAL DATABASE With this improvement, each migration instance will communicate with each other to share the migration details. This helps avoiding duplications (Ex: When same user is selected for migration in different instances).
GENERAL – APP STORAGE Apps4.Pro uses local DB computer where the app is installed to extensively improve the app performance and reporting speeds. Accordingly, the following workloads basic data is stored in the local DB in addition to the existing data.
  • Teams Channels
  • M365 Groups
  • Planner Plans
SHAREPOINT Control number of File versions to be migrated. This improves the migration speed rather than migrating the entire version history.
Home site migration supported.
Content Type migration supported for list items and library files.
Default group permission migration supported for list items and files.

What’s next?

In the coming weeks, we are committed to deliver:

About Apps4.Pro Migration Manager:

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