How to post attachments of a Microsoft Form’s response to a Slack Channel

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Microsoft Forms support files being uploaded to their questions or responses. There could be various instances where we accept stack of files for more than one question. It is often a challenge finding a solution to get these attachments stored / posted in an organized way.

We could utilize Power Automate to find a solution for this challenge. It is possible to organize the attachments in the below ways

      Store the attachments to OneDrive, SharePoint Library

      Post to a Teams’ Channel

      Post to a Slack’s Channel

      Mail them to an individual or Group

Use Case : We are considering a Form with 2 Upload questions whose attachments from response are posted to a Slack Channel.

You need to perform the steps below to get this automated.

Let’s see in detail how to achieve it.

Sample Form used in this use caseUser Form with 2 Upload questions

Step 1 : Create a Power Automate flow

Create an automated Power Automate flow which would be triggered ‘When a new response is submitted’.

Step 2 : Choose the Form

Choose the form whose response attachments to be posted to the Slack Channel.

Step 3 : Add a step ‘Get response details’

Add an action ‘Get response details’, to pull the response ID of the response submitted. Add the form and response ID as shown below.

Step 4 : Add a control step ‘Initialize variable’

Add a control step ‘Initialize variable’ to store the responses of the questions with attachments.

Give a Name to the variable, set Type as ‘Array’. Set Value as comma separated values enclosed in square brackets.

Note : We can add any number of questions as comma separated whose attachments has to be posted to the Slack Channel.

Step 5 : Add an iterative step with Parse JSON action

Add this iterative step to parse each question one by one.

Schema used

        "type": "array",
        "items": {
            "type": "object",
            "properties": {
                "name": {
                    "type": "string"
                "link": {
                    "type": "string"
                "id": {
                    "type": "string"
                "type": {},
                "size": {
                    "type": "integer"
                "referenceId": {
                    "type": "string"
                "driveId": {
                    "type": "string"
                "status": {
                    "type": "integer"
                "uploadSessionUrl": {}
            "required": [

Step 6 : Add an action Apply to each with Slack’s Post Message

Step 7: Submit a response and verify the flow

Form Response

Attachments posted to Slack Channel

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