Know about ‘Activity’ Column for OneDrive Files

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With the recent introduction of the ‘Activity’ column in OneDrive My Files list view, it helps users, stay up to date on the files, that they are working on with others, by surfacing relevant and most recent activity information.

The following file activity related to actions are embedded into the ‘Activity’ column

   🠊   File Share

   🠊   User comments

   🠊   @mentions

Points to ponder

      The most recent supported activity keeps surfacing and hence last activity description is retained in the Activity column until any new activity is performed on a particular file.

      The Activity column will only show activity on files that are created or owned by a user that are listed under ‘My Files’.

Note : ‘Activity’ column is not visible for the Files shared with us listed under ‘Shared’.

How it works

Case 1 : File Sharing

When someone shares a particular file with another person, this is how the ‘Activity’ column reflects.

Case 2 : User Comments

When a user comments on a particular file, this is how it is reflected in the ‘Activity’ column.

Case 3 : @Mentions

When a user comments with @mentions, this is how the ‘Activity’ column reflects.

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