Add Manager To Microsoft Planner Task

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Expectations for everyone while using any application “A little more,” To fulfill this wish, we provide an exclusive feature in Planner by our Apps4. Pro Planner Manager called “Custom Fields.

Custom fields are the extra fields to added-up for every plan/task to notify it’s status. These contents are added in the Planner description area

How to set the custom field:

Possible to set fields for each Plan

The custom fields can be edited from the planner manager app and viewed from the planner web task description.

It contains many field types:

  1. Single lineText for straightforward content
  2. NumberSet the count
  3. Hour / MinutesDuration setting
  4. MultilineSentence consist of more than one line
  5. MemberPerson to follow-up
  6. DateSet the Milestone
  7. TimeTimer for the task
  8. OptionsChoices to select


This app is available for 15 days free trial.

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