Visualize all VMs Summary Report in Power BI

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Apps4.Pro has introduced a new feature to generate the Summary Report across all VMs in Power BI format for the below workloads. This gives a visualization on the Summary of the Jobs & the Migrated data across the VMs.

Please follow the below mentioned steps to generate the same.


  1. Choose the storage location : From the Storage Settings in the Migration Manager tool a. Select between Source or Target Tenant b. Select the required Office365 Group listed
  2. Sync-up the data across VMs : Sync manually to get the latest migration data from all the instances reflect in the configured Office365 Group
  3. Generate Report : Generate “All VMs Summary - Detailed” Report from any of the Instance/VM.

For a detailed explanation on the above steps, please refer this FAQ -

Generate Power BI Report

We will now see how to generate the Summary Report in Power BI format.

We have considered for e.g., ‘Teams Migration’ to depict the same.

Step 1

Download the sample Power BI Report file from the below link:

Step 2

From Power BI Desktop app, open the downloaded Power BI file and then go to Data source settings.

Step 3

From the SharePoint portal, Copy the SharePoint Site URL associated with the Office 365 Group selected in the above mentioned step.

Step 4

Enter the URL we copied from Step 3

Step 5

Edit Permissions in the Data source settings as below

Step 6

Go to the reports page of Power BI and click Apply Changes to get the updated charts.

Step 7

You can publish this report to share with your users.