Apps4.Pro Planner Manager v2.1.4.2 release

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We are happy to announce the next release Apps4.Pro Planner Manager v2.1.4.2 today. This release includes very important new features and fixes.

Below is the list of changes.

New Features

Turbo Sync

A new way to sync your tasks much faster as before.

Planner Management

A new page in ‘Home’ tab helps you to execute actions such as Import Tasks, New Task, New Plan creation in a single click.

Manage Plans

Set the plans from which you need to fetch the tasks (For ex: your favourite plans). So the app will sync the tasks from these plans alone. You can find this option under Settings menu.

Checklist Count & Active Checklist Count

You can add this properties from Add/ Remove columns which helps to see the number of checklist items and number of active checklist items in a task respectively as a report. Thus helps you in measuring the tasks progress.

Other Improvements

This version is available for download from our website