Microsoft Planner Task Management Streamlined with Implementation of RACI Matrix using Apps4.Pro Planner

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Ability to create Custom Fields in Microsoft Planner is the most requested feature by many users as it helps them to plan, deliver and monitor the tasks assigned to users easily and efficiently. Experts suggests different concepts to manage the tasks efficiently. Almost all experts say the task details in a project should be crystal clear to all users so they understand very well what their responsibility is and they better perform. One such popular model is RACI Matrix, which helps users to easily identify roles and responsibilities of them in the project.

In order to implement RACI Matrix, we need to create different custom fields in task cards. This may vary from Plan to Plan. With the help of Apps4.Pro Planner Manager organizations / teams can easily implement RACI matrix in their projects and reap the benefit of simplicity in Microsoft Planner without spending time for training and implementation. As RACI model suggests each task should have the following details in place.

Steps to Create Custom Fields

Now let’s deep drive on how to use Apps4.Pro Planner Manager to create custom fields and use across all Apps4.Pro components.

Create / Edit custom fields is supported from Apps4.Pro Planner Manager. But these custom fields can be accessed from all Apps4.Pro components such as Outlook Desktop add-in , Outlook Web add-in and from Planner Manager during create or edit tasks.

First lets download and install Apps4.Pro Planner Manager from below link

After installation go to Settings > Custom Fileds. Using Apps4.Pro you can create different set of fields for different plans. So select the Plan from to which we need to create the fields first and click on Add New Field button.

The Planner Manager consists of a list for the different field sets which can be added with the tasks.

Now key in the title of the field and then select the field type. Also check “IsRequired” checkbox to make this field mandatory so users cannot skip this when they create or edit tasks.

For this sample I will create the following custom fields in the project named Billing.

Apps4.Pro Planner Manager

Apps4.Pro Outlook Desktop add-in

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