Apps4.Pro Planner Manager v2.1.6.0 release

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Hi All,

We are happy to announce today the new version availability for Apps4.Pro Planner Manager v2.1.6.0. Some of the important features that are included with this release are:


Support for Task Comments

Apps4.Pro Planner Manager now supports task comments. This can be included to any reports as a new column or can be Exported to Excel. We have included two new columns Edit Columns

Include comments from Edit Columns

Include Task Comments to reports

Save Report

You can now perform any changes from the reporting grid (Filter, Sort or add / remove columns) and save the view as a new report. The saved new report will be listed in home tab and can be accessed easily.

The saved report is available from Home tab

Copy/Move Tasks between Plans

You can now Copy / Move tasks from one to other plan without selecting bucket in target plan. Which mean Apps4.Pro Planner Manager will create new bucket with the same name as in source plan and post the tasks to target plan. This feature helps you to use Buckets and Tasks from one plan as a template and create new plans easily. This feature is just our first step towards saving Buckets and Tasks with its details to create a Plan template. The plan templates you have created gets listed from New Plan creation window which helps you in creating new plan along with this tasks in a click.

Copy / Move tasks from one plan to another just by selecting the destination plan name alone.

Other Improvements

Issue fixes

The below issues are fixed in this version

This new version is available for download from our website

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