Apps4.Pro Planner Manager v2230 release

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Hi All,

We are happy to announce today the new version availability for Apps4.Pro Planner Manager v2.2.3.0. Some of the important features that are included with this release are:

New Features

Users can exclude/include archived Trello cards Can mark archived Trello cards as completed and move them to specific bucket (i.e. Closed bucket).

Copy Custom Fields to Multiple Plans

Now users can create required custom fields in single plan and copy them to multiple plans.

Trello Migration Enhanced

When importing Trello board into Planner, users can now optionally exclude or include archived cards, they can also optionally mark the archived cards as completed tasks and move those tasks into specific bucket.

Auto Schedule Last Run Status

Now users can see the last run time and last run status of OneDrive/Local backup.

Copy / Move tasks from one plan to another just by selecting the destination plan name alone.

This new version is available for download from our website (Note: Both new users and existing users can use the same setup from the above link)

User manual for Installation/Upgrade Click to download

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