How to add a Guest user in Microsoft Planner? / How to connect Microsoft Planner portal as a Guest?

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Microsoft rolled out the most awaited feature in Microsoft Planner. That’s Guest access in Plan. Using this feature, guest users can access the planner web portal with minimal permission. This blog will answer you

#### How to add guests to a plan?

The Group owner can add a Guest user to the Group. Once the Guest user is added to a group, the guest will also reflect in all the plans in that group. The Group owner need to ensure that Guest access is enabled in their tenant. If not, adding Guest to the Group / Plan is not posisble. 

Adding guests to a Group will automatically include that guest in its respective tenant. If Guest users are available in tenant, they can be added to any plan (even if the plan belongs to different O365 group) directly from Planner portal.

How to connect Planner web portal as a Guest?

Once a guest user is added in the plan, the guest will receive a welcome email with instructions and a link for taking part in the plan. No worries if guest user doesn’t receive welcome email, they can connect planner web portal using Planner URL( along with tenant name(, because does not know to which tenant this Guest user belongs to.  For Example:

Note If guest user doesn’t have a valid Microsoft account, the portal will prompt the guest to create Microsoft account in  few simple self explonatory steps

After login into planner web portal, Guests can view all plans with limited permissions in the O365 Group (Please note that an O365 Group can hold multiple plans) in which they are member of.

Guest User Permissions

What does?

What does not?

Refer this URL for more detailed information about Planner Guest access permissions