How to migrate chat history in Microsoft Teams

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How to migrate chat history in Microsoft Teams?

In the current world, since merger & acquisition of companies has become a common practise, it is business critical that all the user information [e.g. mailbox, file repositories, chat histories] is consolidated correctly and expertly to create a workable, sustainable structure for the newly merged company.

To be precise, even when Microsoft is not equipped for the Teams Private chat Migration - Apps4Pro has taken the lead and it is the only app available in the market doing real chat migration.

Though there are other tools in the Market which does it, the migrated chats do not appear in the target tenant Teams rather they are available in Outlook which denies a real experience of the migrated chats.

When Teams chats are migrated using Apps4Pro, the chat messages will appear in the target tenant Teams which enriches the users with a live experience of the migrated chats.

Major advantages include

Private Chat Migration

When a Private Chat Migration Job is created, you can include the chats with the external clients as well.

Creating the Teams Chat Migration Job can be done in minutes. Just select the users whose chats needs to be migrated and import the user mapping file. The app will take care of the rest. You can sit back and relax!

What is supported in Private Chat migration?

The below chat details / links are migrated to target tenant

Migration samples

Group Chat

External Chat

File Upload

Emoji, GIF

Meeting Chat