The new Apps4.Pro Planner Gantt

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Thank you for your wait and support to Apps4Pro Planner Gantt. With all your feedback and comments, we worked hard and developed a brand-new version of the Gantt app. This latest version is available as a desktop app that must be installed and run on your computer without the need for an extension of the browser.

New features:

This latest version overcomes the following limitations present in the existing version:

Pricing and Licensing

All users of Apps4.Pro Planner with a valid license of Planner Gantt / Gantt Manager / Pro and valid trial licenses can start using this latest version.

Refer to the user manual from the URL below to know how to install and use this application. Existing valid license users follow the instructions in section 19 - Migrate fields from previous version (Browser extension) to bring the (Dependency, Ordering, Parent-child relationship, estimated hours and assigned hours from the previous version.

Download the app from Planner Gantt setup link

User Manual: Planner Gantt Desktop User Manual

To know more details about this app visit here

Try this latest version and reach out to us for assistance / questions you have.