How Apps4.Pro helps its customer to move from Trello to Office 365 Planner?

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Microsoft Planner and Trello have unique core functionalities for managing tasks but Planner is a simple task management tool which includes task creation, assign task, attach files, view own task. Trello has all the functionalities of Planner along with powerful features like convert email to task, Gantt chart, import/export task, convert another task etc. Using Apps4.Pro you can extend the Planner and get all the Trello’s features in Microsoft Planner itself.

Below table lists features addressed by Apps4.Pro which are missing in Office 365 Planner compared to Trello.

S.No Feature Trello Microsoft Planner Microsoft Planner with
1. Email to Task Supported (Outlook client/OWA) Not Supported Supported (Outlook client/OWA)
2. Gantt Chart Supported (Elegantt Chart) Not Supported Supported (Inbuilt Gantt Chart)
3. Custom field Supported Not Supported Supported*
4. Import/Export Task list Export Supported(Json,Excel)Import not supported Not Supported Export Supported (Pdf, Excel,Csv,Html) Import Supported
5. Filters Supported (based on label,Username, Due Date) Not Supported Supported (For all task fields)
6. Sync with other task management tools Supported (Sync Asana task using Unito) Not Supported Supported (sync with Outlook Tasks)
7. Copy Task Supported Not Supported Supported*

*. This feature is in Beta.

Apps4.Pro Planner Features

Email to Task

You can convert email to Planner task from Outlook Client and OWA

1.Covert task from Outlook Client

1.Covert task from OWA

More Details refer following link

Gantt Chart

You can view and modify task from Gantt chart

More Details refer following link

Custom Fields

You can add custom fields of type text, multi-line, users, option list, date to the tasks.

Import/Export Task List

You can Import/Export task List from all plans or selected plans using Apps4.Pro.

Import Tasks

Export Task


Apps4.Pro has advanced filter option for every field and you can also save the filter and reuse it at anytime

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Sync with other task management tools

Apps4Pro Support sync outlook task to planner task

Additional Features

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