Export / Import- Apps4.Pro Planner Manager

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Using Apps4.Pro Planner Manager Export option, the Planner tasks can be easily exported to Excel. This export can be treated as

Create and Export Different Reports

With the help of Apps4.Pro Planner Manager advanced filers users can filter the reports and save it as new view. So user can apply the same view for any of the report whenever needed. The exported excel file can be imported back when ever needed.

For Example:

If a user wants to Export all the completed tasks details and free up the storage quota, the Planner Manager makes this process simple in two steps

Export Reports in Multiple formats

Not only in Excel format, the users can export the reports into other formats from Apps4.Pro Planner Manager.

Click on the ‘Export Report’ button and select the format. Apps4.Pro Planner Manager supports Excel, PDF, CSV and HTML.

Import Tasks

Using the Import Tasks wizard you can easily import tasks to Planner. Thus new tasks will be created in Planner. Additionally users can edit the tasks from the Import task window itself. The Import wizard supports the below actions.

The following Planner tasks fields are supported:

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