Filter Microsoft Planner tasks by label, tags, due date, by people, by assignment

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Gantt Chart allow users to manipulate the plan and tasks, a high-end user or project manager could do a lot within Microsoft Project that apparently can’t be done in Planner now. Using Apps4.Pro Planner Gantt, you can filter the tasks in a plan by its Date / Bucket / Assignment / Progress in Gantt Chart which is really a deal breaker.

Filter tasks by Options
Date Today, Yesterday, Last 7 days, Last 30 days, Next 7 days, This month, Next month, Next 3 months
Progress Not Started, In Progress, Completed
Assignment Sort tasks by assignments and track its progress
Priority Urgent, Important, Medium, Low
Bucket Lists down tasks in Gantt based on Bucket as created in Microsoft Planner.
Members Un Assigned , Assigned (list of all assigned users)

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