Office 365 Planner tenant migration

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We are happy to announce the general availability of Apps4.Pro Planner Migrator today. This app helps you to migrate

This app can migrate all plan and task details, including attachments and comments. The app is available in the Chrome web store and use it by adding it to Chrome or Edge (Dev) browsers as extensions.

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The story of how it was made

As you are aware Apps4.Pro Planner is the pioneer in offering project management solutions for Office 365 Planner. With the success of Planner Outlook integration, Planner Manager, Planner - Power BI integration and the Gantt chart for Planner here comes the final solution - migrating Office 365 Planner between tenants / Office 365 Groups.

We have been receiving this request from many of our customers and discussed in various forums that there is no simple straight forward solution available for migrating Planner between Tenants or even between different Office 365 Groups. With the simplicity of Planner, it was adopted well by organizations, and many of the invested heavily in Planner. But when it comes to migration, with the availability of limited Microsoft Graph APIs, it becomes a complex Task for them to complete this migration

Our engineers have worked hard to build this app using the Graph APIs in a professional and programmable way to make your migrations simple.

What problems does this app solve?

The answer is pretty straightforward. Helps you to migrate Office 365 Planner plans and tasks details between different Office 365 tenants or between different Office 365 Groups / Teams. It is a silent migration, and hence, you can sit back and relax!

What features does this app have?

Just sign in to the app with the Source and destination Office 365 user accounts and select the plans to be migrated. The app will take care of the rest. Migrate Planner task details with

A perfect app for an ideal scenario

We made a detailed study of your requirements and the scenario in which the app will be used and built this app. So we are confident that the app will make your life much simpler during Office 365 Planner migrations.

The app is available for free 14 days limited trial -

The app is available in Chrome web store and can be used by adding it to Chrome or Edge (Dev) browsers as extensions.

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Please give a try and share with us your feedback and comments. We are happy to listen to those.