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Hello Everyone,

We are happy to announce the next update for Apps4.Pro Power BI Connector for Microsoft Planner . We are introducing some cool new features with this release.

Sync custom fields

Apps4.Pro Power BI Connector for Microsoft Planner gives the ability to sync Custom fields created from Apps4.Pro Planner Manager into the Power BI dashboard. Apps4.Pro Planner Manager allows users to create new custom fields for Planner tasks. For example, a courier company needs to add Consignee Address, Delivery Date and customer rating to work. By Planner Manager, we can achieve this, and in Power BI, we visualize the Consignee address in map view, and we can filter out the resource performance based on customer rating

The * symbol in the dataset table represents the custom fields.

In-depth meta details for Plans and Tasks

Now the Dataset which is created by Apps4.Pro Power BI Connector includes in-depth details about the task. With these critical meta details about the plan and task, you can create powerful dashboards in Power BI for Microsoft Planner than ever. The following fields are included in Apps4.Pro Power BI Connector dataset

Apps4.Pro Power BI connector for Microsoft Planner is available for 14 days free trial. Try now if you have not visualized your Plans and Tasks in rich dashboards. https://apps4.pro/powerbi-reporting-for-microsoft-planner.aspx

Key features about this app are explained here


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