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Hello everyone

We are excited to announce the next big update for Apps4.Pro Planner Gantt. We are introducing some new and most requested features for Microsoft Office 365 Planner users. Here is the list of new features introduced,

Multiple Plans

It is indeed very difficult and time consuming to manage different schedules across different plans. Apps4.Pro Planner Gantt will help you handle this case as it now allows you to view Gantt for multiple plans in single window. Now you can handle two or more plans that depend on each other by easily interacting between them. For example, you can easily view milestones and resources that appear in more than one plan. The selected plans can be viewed in a single chart. You can also go back to the initial plan by clicking the ‘Clear’ option available on the task bar.

(i) Click Add Plans

(ii) Click OK

(iii) Multi-Plan view

The (Quick Scroll) option allows you to handle multi-plans easily. When you click the plan or the bucket name in the list, the screen automatically scrolls down to the selected plan or bucket.

Resource management

Managing your resources in the most efficient way is an art. Here the word ‘resources’ speaks of ‘Human Resources’. Managing the available resources across different plans can be a pain in the Planner environment. Our latest update in the Gantt Chart makes it easier to manage the resources. This feature gives you a complete view of all your resources in one location. This way, you can quickly assign the right member for the right task and check if any resources are over assigned with tasks. For example, you can easily view the number of tasks assigned to all the individuals on a particular date and therefore task assigning can be even improvised. What does Resource Management offer you?

(i) Resource Availability tab

(ii) Click to get the list of tasks

(iii) Number of unassigned tasks

Multi-Language support in PDF

In this update, Gantt supports exporting the chart to pdf in multi-language. If you want to export Gantt chart in languages other than English, you can upload the (.ttf) file of the language that you wanted to export. With this feature you can export the Pdf in any language desired.

Some of the other notable improvements:

From this preview window you can adjust the column width for the selected columns before exporting to PDF.

Add / remove favorite plans

You can now mark the most used plans to the top of the plans list in Hub by marking it as favorite.

Summary chart for plans

We have introduced the Summary pie chart for the plan. This helps you to view the tasks by its status (Overdue, Unassigned, Not started, In Progress, Completed). When you click on the task status, you can see its corresponding tasks in the Gantt.

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