How to migrate OneNote data in Microsoft Teams between Office 365 Tenants for Multiple Users?

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OneNote is the Microsoft cloud service that can be used to store the content in a digital notebook, share them with others, and get to them from anywhere on all your device.

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When we plan to migrate the Microsoft Teams from one Office 365 tenant to another tenant, we focus on Teams, channels, conversations, settings, and members, but we need to bear in mind about tabs as OneNote, Planner, and Wiki since they are separate Office365 services. These tabs became essential now for users as it became a part of Microsoft Teams. You can think of Export and Import the OneNote files between tenants. But consider that the OneNote migration are not just a copy paste. It needs to be added back to the respective channels tab and include it back to the inline conversations (posts). It may go mistaken and complex when exporting, importing, and mapping the OneNote. Thus, it becomes a data loss for users.

To make this route simply and utterly, use Apps4.Pro Migration Manager. It migrates the OneNote tab and include it back where they are in the new tenant.

Apps4.Pro Migration Manager provides you the best way to migrate Your OneNote along with teams, channels (including private channels), conversation, Files Microsoft Planner and Wiki tab.

Apps4.Pro Migration Manager is available as a browser extension in the Microsoft Edge addon store. You can add it from the store to your Edge browser and start migration in few minutes.

Let us jump in and see how you can migrate the OneNote tab within 3 simple steps:

Step 1: Job Settings:

Select the Teams which you need to migrate and check “Include OneNote” checkbox.

Step2: Target Settings:

This step lists you all the OneNote tabs available in the selected Teams along with the options to add it as a new tab or map it to the existing OneNote tab in the new tenant.

Step3: Job Summary:

Review the migration details and finally, migrate the job at once or save the job for later.

Other systems supported for migration using Migration manager:

Microsoft Planner: #1 Microsoft Planner Migration tool in the market for a complete migration including task comments and attachments.

Microsoft OneDrive: Migrates your Office365 OneDrive data along with My files, shared by you, share by me, folder structure and file/folder permission.

Microsoft Stream: Migrates your Stream Videos and Meeting recordings from one tenant to another tenant along with Permission, channels, metadata, and video settings. 


This app is available for 15 days free trial. Visit the below link to know more.

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