What’s new in Apps4.Pro Migration Manager v3430 release?

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Today we are happy to share the release of the latest version of Apps4.Pro Migration Manager v3.4.3.0. Here is the change set for this release.

2 Major features released in this release which include

  1. Merge Messages in Private Chat Migration : Merge multiple chats as a single chat and post in the tenant rather than posting messages one-by-one.
  2. Yammer Export & Import : In Yammer Migration, with this feature, Apps4.Pro supports reprovisioning all your Yammer data [Networks, Communities, Messages, Files, Topics, Likes, Best Reply etc.] from US to EU Data Centre.

What’s next?

In the upcoming weeks, we are committed to deliver

About Apps4.Pro Migration Manager

Apps4.Pro Migration Manager is the leading migration tool available in the market with unique migration features such as Teams chat, SharePoint and Teams Wiki, Stream, and Yammer migration. The app is available for 15 days free trial. To seek the free trial, please visit : https://apps4.pro/microsoft-teams-migrator

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