Microsoft Planner - Share tasks with external users using Apps4.Pro

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Tasks lay idle when not shared. When it comes to managing tasks it become obvious that tasks needs to be shared with sub-contractors, partners and customers. Trello offers the same as Observers. Plan manager can add Observers to their board which in turn allows them to contribute in the board. This is one of the major reason users decide to go with Trello. Microsoft Planner haven’t yet offered this feature and it was one of the most requested in Office 365 Planner User voice Portal. With Apps4.Pro Planner you can easily achieve this. This blog explains how Apps4.Pro Planner is working on to make this possible.

Please note that all the details listed in this blog are under development and actual screens may vary with one mentioned below.

How this works?

We can achieve this easily as pointed below.

  1. Export tasks to Excel using Apps4.Pro Planner Manager
  2. With Apps4.Pro Gantt (Excel add-in) the exported tasks can be viewed in Gantt chart or edit from GUI which loads with in excel
  3. Even more this Excel can be shared with other users for review or set their preferences (by edit tasks)
  4. Now this Excel can be imported back to Planner with Apps4.Pro Planner Manager so all tasks will gets updated with the new details.

Boo - Yah!! Cool, this is really simple. Now you are tied with feathers to use Microsoft Planner the same way use have used Trello with external users collaboration.

Export tasks to Excel

With the help of Apps4.Pro Planner Manager, you can easily export the tasks to Excel in a click.

View tasks in Gantt (from Apps4.Pro Gantt)

With this excel add-in the tasks can be easily viewed / edited from the Gantt chart. This is helps users to plan their tasks easily. The same file can be sent to manager / customer / sub-contractors for their review and they can update the tasks details from this view as shown in below screenshots.

The tasks can be edited just by double click on the task bar. The edit window will open inside the excel.

Import excel to Planner

The edited file can be imported back to Planner using Apps4.Pro Planner Manager in a click. This in turn will update the tasks in Planner.

Thus with the help of Apps4.Pro you can leverage Microsoft Planner easily to share / manage tasks with external users.

Please share your suggestions / feedback as this will help us a lot to design the app which works for you. Use the below form to sign-up for the preview.