Planner Reports / Interactive Dashboards

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Analysing the team performance is very important aspect for Plan to ensure that it will be completed on time. To do this managers needs a powerful tool to create various Microsoft Planner reports and export it to Excel / CSV / PDF for reporting purposes.

Apps4.Pro Planner Manager includes many build in Microsoft Planner reports which can be filtered, sorted and export / printed.

Below is the list of few most wanted reports

Tasks Reports
All Tasks Report of all tasks across all plans in a single view
All Tasks by Plan Report of all tasks filtered by Plan
All Tasks by Bucket Report of all tasks filtered by bucket
All Tasks by Assigner Report of all tasks filtered by person who assigned the task
All Tasks by Assignee Report of all tasks filtered by person who works on it
Top N busy members in next N days Reports you the members with most tasks for next N days
Tasks with no due date Reports you the tasks from all plans that has no due date set
Top N Members with unfinished tasks Reports you the members whose tasks are not completed beyond due date

Report Filters

From this reports tab, you can filter reports by multiple columns and save the view. The saved view can be selected back at any time.

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