Introducing Power BI reporting for Microsoft Office 365 Planner

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Hi All,

We are happy to announce the General availability for Apps4.Pro Power BI connector for Microsoft Planner. This extension will work on your Chrome browser and sync Microsoft Planner data with Power BI. This extension comes with Power BI reporting pack which helps you to create rich dashboards for Microsoft Planner plans. The extension will push the Planner data to Power BI at regular intervals, so you can keep your Power BI dashboards live.

Licensing & Pricing

Licensing This Chrome extension is available with Apps4.Pro Planner Manager license. All existing/new apps4.Pro users with valid Planner manager or Combo license can use this extension. It is also available for 14 days free trial.

Pricing This Chrome extension is available with Planner Manager(3.33 USD/user/month) standalone license as well as with Combo(6.59 USD/user/month) license.


This PowerBI connector for Microsoft Planner is available as Chrome Extension and can be added to your chrome browser in order to start using it. Click on below link to add to your chrome.

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