Significance of using Apps4.Pro for migrating Microsoft Forms when manual export/import is an option

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Apps4.Pro offers a complete packaged tenant-tenant Forms Migration, wrapped with every single attribute of it. Please find the exhaustive list of the attributes that is covered in migration:

Form / Quiz’s Attribute Covered for migration in Apps4.Pro
Collect response options
Options for responses
Options for Response receipts
Background Style
Background Theme
Customized Theme - Colour
Customized Theme - Image
Background Music
Collaborator Permissions
Every Question type
Every Attribute of Question Type
E.g : Attributes of Question Type : Text
  • Long answer
  • Required
  • Subtitle
  • Restrictions
  • Branching
Attachments part of Form / Quiz (Both Image & Video)
- exported & migrated as excel
Attachments in the responses
- migrated to OneDrive / SharePoint site

Significance of migration with Apps4.Pro

The below painstaking effort in Microsoft Form export / import is nullified in App4.Pro.

Note : The term form in the below table represents form & quiz jointly.

Activity Required in Apps4.Pro Solution provided in Apps4.Pro
Migrate one form at a time X All forms at a tenant level can be migrated in a single shot.
Export responses of one form at a time X Responses of all forms at a tenant level can be migrated in a single shot.
Manual Migration of responses & their associated attachments to the migrated form X Responses & their linked attachments are exported & migrated to the target account’s OneDrive / SharePoint site.
Only the form collaborators can export the form X Forms can be migrated at the tenant level without the end-user intervention and thus it saves their time.
Manual addition of Collaborate permissions for each form in target X Permissions for each form are migrated to target via tool
Manual recreation of the below settings in the migrated form
  • Send and collect responses
  • Start & End date
  • Response receipts
X Each & every setting of a form is migrated to the target

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