What is new in Apps4Pro Migration Manager for Microsoft Teams

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In this release, Apps4Pro Migration Manager focuses on simplifying the migration of users chats (1:1 and 1: N) in Microsoft Teams and suppressing Teams notification during chat migration. With that emphasis, we are pleased to introduce Archived Chats migration in this release.


Apps4Pro is the pioneer in supplying solutions for migrating chats in Microsoft Teams between Office 365 Tenants. With this, we introduced this feature a few months ago and it made it a huge differentiator in the market in terms of offering unique migration solutions for various workloads in Office 365.

The real game changer is once the migration is over, users can see their migrated chats in the target tenant (as shown in below screenshot). This process requires the user to sign up to complete their chat migration.

We have continually received feedback from the corporate customers and our valuable consultants about simplifying this process without the end user signup.

Archived chat migration

We listened to their feedback and started to work on the solution to cut the user sign up. Therefore, we are pleased to present archive chat migration.

With the introduction of this feature, Admins can carry out the seamless migration of chat messages. The chats will be migrated as archived chats in the target tenant as shown in the screenshots below.

Notifications in Teams

During the migration process, the application posts the changes as new chats in the target tenant, during the migration the users receive notification of new messages. This was very inconvenient for the users until the migration was completed. In the latest version of the application, we have suppressed these notices.

In the coming months, we will support the following workloads migration.

This app is available for free 15 days trial. To download, click on the link below.


Write to us at sales@jijitechnologies.com to receive the vendor comparison sheet and admin migration guide.

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