Yammer Migration : How to Reprovision your Yammer Enterprise Network from US to EU Geo ?

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Yammer Migration : How to Reprovision your Yammer Enterprise Network from US to EU Geo ?

Corporates from European Geographies are currently looking for a solution to migrate their Yammer data to EU Data Centres. Microsoft’s solution has limited capabilities, which could export only the users whereas the other details such as conversations, files and communities are lost.

Apps4.Pro has pitched-in now to figure out a solution for this. With the recent feature released – “Yammer Export & Import”, Apps4.Pro ports all your Yammer data [Networks, Communities, Messages, Files, Topics, Likes, Best Reply etc.] to the EU Data Centre.

How to initiate Yammer Export & Import ?

In Apps4.Pro - Yammer Migration’s Job creation flow, you have the option to enable Yammer Export & Import as shown below.

You can just setup jobs to Export & Import you Yammer Data in the tool. The tool takes care of rest of the job neatly & precisely – porting your Yammer data completely to the EU Data Centre. You can sit back and relax!

How does Yammer Export & Import work ?

Data from Source Data Centre can be migrated to the target Data Centre in 2 simple steps.

Step 1 - Yammer Export : Choose the Yammer Networks to be ported and execute the Job by clicking “Save & Migrate”. Do remember to perform this step before the tenant cut over in the US Data Centre.

Step 2 - Yammer Import : Perform this step post completion of the re-provision of Yammer Network in EU Data Centre. Choose the Exported Yammer Networks to be ported and execute a new Job similar to previous step. Post the job is completed, all your chosen Yammer Networks bundled with the communities, messages, topics etc. are ported to the re-provisioned Tenant in EU Data Centre.

Note : Export & Import has to happen in the same machine, since the exported data are saved offline.

Reference : Please refer the link to know more about Yammer in EU Geo - https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/yammer/manage-security-and-compliance/data-residency