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What is Microsoft Teams & use cases

Microsoft says that Skype for Business Online will not be available after July 31, 2021. Microsoft Teams is a new deal and is an essential communication platform. It helps from small businesses to big enterprises, to coordinate with their teams/groups by using chats, and rich online meetings with audio and video calling. And Teams gives us more useful features like screen sharing, and file sharing. With Teams, you can grab someone’s attention with @mention also. Further, Microsoft Teams offers more useful features.

Microsoft Teams Use cases:

Microsoft Teams data stored in:

Stored in Data
Team’s SharePoint folder Files that you share in a channel
OneDrive for Business folder Files that you share in a private or group chat
Office 365 Group mailbox Channel Chat
Users mailbox 1:1 chat
Stream Meeting Recording

What is get created when you use Microsoft Teams

When you create a team, Microsoft Teams creates

What are the items we need to consider when migrating Teams

Office 365 users face various situations that needs the migration of a team from one tenant to another. They would also have to migrate a team within the same tenant when the need arises.

When migrating teams, we need to consider other office 365 apps (which we discussed earlier) that relate to the teams.

So, in this case, we need to think about the tool that needs to migrate the data which we cannot do by hand.

Based on these requirements, we need to make sure that the tool is migrating the features below.



Tabs (Apps)



Private chat:

Comparison of other third-party tools Vs Apps4.Pro Migration Manager

Feature Apps4.Pro Migration Manager Other Third-Party Tool
Office 365 group Yes Yes
Group settings Yes Yes
Calendar Coming soon Yes
Mailbox Coming soon Yes
Teams Yes Yes
Teams settings and descriptions Yes Yes
Membership Yes Yes
Channels and channel specific settings Yes Yes
Private channel Yes Yes
Permission Yes Yes
Conversation history:    
Messages Yes Yes
Replies Yes Yes
Metadata Yes Yes
Links Yes Yes
Mentions Yes Yes
timestamps Yes Yes
Private Chat:    
Stickers, Emoji and GIF Yes No
Stickers with Caption Yes No
News, YouTube, Weather, Praise, Places, Wikipedia Yes No
Microsoft Stream Video Coming soon No
Mentions Yes No
All Format Text Yes No
Share Chat History date and time Yes No
Delivery Options (Importance and Urgent) Yes No
Files, Activity and Organization Tab Creation Yes No
Conversations tab Yes Yes
Files tab (Excel, Word, PDF, PPT) Yes Yes
OneNote Yes Yes
Planner (Buckets, Tasks, Labels, Attachments and Comments) Yes Yes
Wiki tab Yes Yes
Website Tab Yes Yes
Group Yes No
Stream channels and its thumbnails Yes No
Videos Yes No
Meeting recording Yes No
Group Members Yes No
Video comments Yes No
Metadata (Name, Description, Language, Thumbnails, Subtitle, Caption) Yes No
Video permission Yes No

Apps4.Pro Migration Manager

Apps4.Pro Migration Manager is a proven tool and the best choice for your organization to migrate your teams within or from different tenants.

Apps4.Pro Migration Manager provides you all the features that migration needs. With this tool from a Microsoft certified professional company, you can migrate Teams, Channels, Files, Private channels, Microsoft Planner, OneNote, Wiki, Stream, OneDrive, and 1:1 Chat. All in one tool!

The system supported for migration in Migration Manager:

Microsoft Teams: Migrates Teams, Channels, Private Channels, OneNote, Wiki and Planner tab

Microsoft Stream: Migrates your Stream Videos and Meeting recordings from one tenant to another tenant along with Permission, channels, metadata and video settings.

Microsoft OneDrive: Migrates your Office365 OneDrive data along with My files, shared by you, shared by me, folder structure and file/folder permission.

Microsoft Planner: Helps you make a complete migration including task comments and attachments.


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