Extend your Microsoft Teams meeting capabilities with Wunder 365

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Microsoft Teams is a super-fast collaboration tool to connect with your organization through chat and online meeting.

It is ‘all in one place experience’ and we can securely share, and work in partnership on files from anywhere with Microsoft Teams.

The lifecycle of Microsoft Teams Provide a fantastic opportunity to integrate our apps with it.

In the above-mentioned life cycle Microsoft provides a good chance to add our apps in Microsoft teams. So, adding our apps and tabs is not more a tricky thing to do.

In addition to this user-friendly feature, Microsoft has announced the inclusion of new meeting extensibility points, which enable developers to expand the Teams meeting experience.

It provides a richer collaboration experience for users who are available in team meetings.

In this digital era, users want to get many things done with minimum movements – physically & mentally!

Microsoft caters to our need by providing a super collaborative tool – Microsoft Teams.

Now coordinating with our teammates and organizing the work could be done with no effort.

Let us think about the situation we all face in our work-life - We participate in meetings and when we try to recall all the points, there is every possibility to miss out the crucial points!

Microsoft Teams has a recording option, and it is a simple solution to the need to memorize the facts and figures.

Another problem we face in meetings, is the need to take notes and collaborate with the clients. And there would also be the need to create tasks in planner for the subject under discussion.

Microsoft provides us meeting extension and is the right answer for the issues we face in meetings.

Wunder365 for office

Wunder365 for office is an excellent connection to the Office365 app that connects Teams, outlook, planner, SharePoint, OneNote, Word, and Excel together, and gives you better collaboration.

Every user would get the best ‘user-experience,’ when start to use Wunder 365 for Office Teams add-in.

It enhances your Microsoft Teams meeting experience - you can create and manage tasks in Planner, start a conversation with any team in Microsoft Teams and discuss everything related with the meeting. All in one place.

How Wunder365 for office works with Microsoft teams

By using Wunder365 for office in Microsoft Teams, members of a meeting can create teams conversation, planner task, Wunder365 card, SharePoint task, and keep track of created task after the meeting is over.

Before meeting experiences

When scheduling a meeting for any of the users, the organizer can install Wunder365 directly as a tab in the meeting.

During meeting experiences

When the meeting is On, other users and organizers can look at the ‘W’ icon at the top of the screen.

And you can directly access the add-in in the meeting side nav bar to create a Teams conversation, planner task, Wunder365 card, and SharePoint task directly.

After meeting experience

Even after the meeting is over, the Wunder365 app will last on the meeting’s surface and monitor and work with the task further. 

You can also view the wunder365 tab in your teams’ chat tab.

More Info about wunder365

Wunder365 for office is available as Teams Add-in, Outlook Add-in, OneNote Add-in, Word, Excel add-in and Edge browser extension.

You can create planner Tasks, w365 cards, SharePoint tasks, or Teams conversations using the below options.

Create task from Microsoft Teams




You can also create a template to make your work easier.

Visit our website at https://www.wunder365.com/wunder365-for-office

Work with the worthwhile app https://www.wunder365.com/wunder365-for-office-free-trial

Please send an email to sales@jijitechnologies.com to get the meeting app for your testing.