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Hello All,

Today, we are happy to announce that your favorite app – Apps4.Pro Planner Gantt gets new additional features and a better look!

The latest version of the Planner Gantt is powered by Wunder365 Matrix and you get Gantt chart, Grid & List view, and Microsoft Teams integration.

You can view your Planner plans in these views and add any view as a tab in Teams channel. Most importantly, all your team members can view the plans.

This new version includes the following features:

This new version overcomes the limitations present in the existing version.

See your tasks in visuals. Get all info instantly

Wunder365 Matrix gives you pictorial representation of tasks in Gantt, Grid and List views. You get every info you need immediately. Avoid browsing many pages and see the status bars in a single view and in a single place. And get everything done with absolute satisfaction.

How to start using this new version?

Simply sign in to and we will take care of the rest.

Please note that this new version is called as Modern Gantt here after. This is because of the major program design change we made to this app for better experience and new features. Hence, you cannot be able to view the task dependencies, Resource management and time estimate you have created using the Apps4.Pro Planner Gantt app. You need to recreate those in the Modern Gantt or use the Modern Gantt for new plans you create.

Pricing and Licensing:

All users of Apps4.Pro Planner with a valid license of Planner Gantt / Gantt Manager and valid trial licenses can start using this new version.

Start to use it now

Avail for the 14 days (about 2 weeks) FREE trail. Make use of the complete version and get hands on experience with this fantastic task management tool. It is your turn to join with our users who get the most out of this simple and easy to use tool.

Contact our Support

Professionals here at JiJi Technologies welcome your queries and are always ready to help you with the answers you need. Our company is a Microsoft Gold Certified partner and is an awardee for its product.

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