Export / Import all tasks for all Plans in Microsoft Planner

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Proliferation in the usage of Microsoft Planner causes complexity in migration or creation of the reoccurring formatted tasks. Instead of freshly creating the tasks, we can create/add multiple tasks within a few clicks using excel.

To achieve these cases, we have included the following actions in our Import/ Export feature.

Introducing a unique feature in Apps4. Pro Planner Manager can save time by the repeated creating task. They are useful for Export/Import bulk tasks at a time and use as many times as you wish

It also views all your Planner plans/tasks in one view.

  1. Replicate the same task
  2. Edit your desirable tasks, plans or buckets in excel & import to view it
  3. Comments, replies, attachments also able to import
  4. Backup for the tasks & users can recreate the plan with the same tasks just by importing it back
  5. Can be used as a template to create new plans from scratch
  6. Bulk edit the tasks in Excel and Import back for updating those in Planner
  7. Many formats are supported over here to explore its view. for example,Excel, PDF, CSV, HTML…

“ Saves time for manager and helps users to work more effectively and planned. ”

Possible to Import:

You can able to import many details to planner from planner manager itself

Possible fields to importing are

Let’s get into our app’s exciting feature

Step 1: Sign-in to Apps4.Pro Planner Manager application with your Office 365 account.

Step 2: Click on to the generate button once selected your plans.

Step 3: Click on Export button to export all tasks in a plan to excel, Excel can be edited.

This is the exported excel file with all details of the Plan and Tasks.

Step 4: Then go to Import tab. Here select the Excel file which needs to be imported. You have options to create the new plan under existing Office 365 group or can create a new group with the new plan.

By this way, you can use the exported excel file as a template and recreate any number of new plans with it.


This app is available for 15 days free trial from Edge and Chrome web app store

For more details visit https://apps4.pro/planner-manager.aspx

Please write to us at the below email address for questions. sales@jijitechnologies.com support@jijitechnologies.com