How to create bucket templates in Microsoft Planner?

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In this blog, I will detail you “how to create bucket templates in Planner”  and it’s a requested feature for Microsoft Office 365 Planner users. Apps4.Pro’s Planner Manager app is available in the Edge and Chrome web stores as an Extension. You can add our extension and effortlessly start creating bucket templates in Planner.  

Many of these projects comprise of recurring buckets. This creates the need for the team to use the set of tasks to create a new plan. It is a burden for the manager to create a new plan with the same set of buckets again and again. Apps4.Pro Planner Manager offers the feature to save the set buckets from any existing Plan in your Planner as a template. This template can be used when creating a new Plan or import to the existing plan.  Creating a template is a one-time action. Once created, you can re-use it any number of times to create bucket templates in the Planner. Thus, it helps you to save time.

Now let’s jump in and see how it works.

STEP 1: Apps4.Pro Planner Manager allows you to view all the tasks & plans in the group you are a member of. You can filter the tasks by the “Buckets” column and select the task you want and Export it as an excel sheet.

STEP2: Now you can able to create bucket templates by modifying the bucket name in excel and import it to any plan you create by using the add-in Apps4.Pro Planner Manager.

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