Introducing Apps4.Pro PlannerGantt Pro

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Planner Gantt Pro new feature will be available with your favorite app - Apps4. Pro Planner Gantt it can perform scheduling task by hours and automate your work by using templates.

Hourly Estimation:

The Hourly Estimate in overall is the easiest and efficient way for the manager to keep the project in control and on track. Now you can able to view detailed project allocate with hourly estimate and resourcing. Hourly estimation provides the following functionalities.

By selecting hours per day in the resource availability tab, will show the particular member allocation and the total working hours of the person in the task

Template Import/Export:

Apps4.Pro Planner Gantt Pro will create the replica of the old plan as the original project plan in a few seconds. This can be done by Export Gantt to excel and import it by creating new plan. This feature solves the need to create recurring projects easily. 

You can export the task details (including WBS, Predecessor, Successor) in the Gantt chart to Excel. Use this excel to create a new project in the planner by importing it.

This app is available as browser extension in both Edge and Chrome stores.

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