Hourly Gantt chart task assignment for Microsoft Planner tasks

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The tedious part of the Gantt chart is to view the Particular user workflow and assigning tasks to the users to the user& its completion. Here comes a most awaiting feature called “Hourly Estimation” makes this case simpler than anything.

This reflection has already been done in our application – Apps4. Pro Planner Gantt Pro. (https://apps4.pro/office365-planner-addin-gantt-chart.aspx)

The main scope of the feature:

Reporting View:

The reports ultimately show the specific users progress on a particular task and allocated durations.

It needs us to set three main criteria:

  1. How many hours the user needs to spend on each task?
  2. Assign / Unassign tasks-based availability
  3. Automatic Schedule of Timing allocation based on the duration and Estimated hours based on the duration and Estimated hours to spent.

The calculated reports will be having the following piece of information

▶ View the end result as a report in excel format

Segregated view of particular plans and it’s tasks

Hours assigned for each user in a project or multiple projects together

▶ Tasks assigned for each user in a project or multiple projects together.

▶ Compare Baseline dates with Actual dates for each task visually in Gantt.

▶ Create an exact project timeline

▶ Milestones view all your project at once to align it with your deadlines.

By selecting hours per day in the resource availability tab,the manager can easily find the total number of hours tasks are assigned for each users.

“ Most effective and efficient way of getting end results “

This app is available as a browser extension (15 days free trial)

For more details visit https://apps4.pro/office365-planner-addin-gantt-chart.aspx

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