How to share Planner tasks (in Gantt chart) with External / anonymous users? - Wunder365 Matrix

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Our last blog details you how to create a Plan / Task template for Planner tasks using Apps4.Pro Planner Manager. We are happy to see your responses in Apps4.Pro Yammer network for this feature and glad that we help you in save time and increase productivity.

In this blog I will detail you how to share Gantt chart with anonymous users. We have received enormous feedback from users and understand that you need to share Gantt with other users who is not a member in your team in following cases.

These are few cases were you need to share your Plan and tasks with anonymous users. Wunder365 Matrix allows you to share the Gantt chart with anonymous users in a click. The anonymous users can able to view the Gantt but cannot perform any actions on it. Trello offers the similar feature as ‘Observers’ for a board. But using Wunder365 Matrix you can even combine tasks across multiple plans to generate Gantt and share with anonymous users.

TIP : Wunder365 Matrix allows you to filter, Group By, Sort tasks across multiple plans and generate Gantt chart. Thus you don’t need to generate it separately for each plan if your team members span across multiple plans.

Now let’s see how it works. From Wunder365 Matrix, User can select the Print option and apply Sort or Group By, once done, click on export button as shown in below image.

Once exported is completed. You can share this exported pdf to anonymous users and they can view exported gantt chart.

When the anonymous user opens the shared pdf in browser the Gantt chart as shown in below image will be available for them in read only mode.

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