How to create sub tasks for Microsoft Planner tasks using Apps4.Pro Planner Manager

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Hi all,

This blog is the third blog in this series which details the new features coming to Apps4.Pro Planner Manager. First blog details how to create and use Plan / task template and the last blog details how to share Planner tasks with external users.

In this blog I will detail you how to create sub tasks for existing Planner tasks and view the sub tasks in Grid view for task planning.

How to create Sub tasks from Planner Manager?

Creating sub task for existing task is easy when Planner Manager is used.

Please note that when you create a new task from Planner Manager Promote checklist item as sub task button will not be available. First you need to create new task and edit it to promote the checklist items as sub tasks.

How to create sub tasks?

How to view the Parent task for a Sub task from Microsoft Planner?

There are cases that the sub task is assigned to another user who will not be using Apps4.Pro Planner Manager for task management. In this case, when the user logged in to Microsoft Planner, and opened the task its parent task will be marked as a link to this task. Just by clicking on it the user can easily navigate to its Parent task.

How to use the created sub tasks to manage tasks?

The sub tasks created can be used in below ways in Planner Manager app for task management.

Below are the properties related to Sub tasks in Planner Manager.

Parent Task - This property lists the parent task title for a sub task. It will be useful to GroupBy tasks based on this entity as it groups tasks and its sub tasks hierarchal order. Is Sub task - This property just lets you know if an task item is a sub task or not. Parent task ID - This property lists the task ID for the parent task. The last two (Is subtask & Parent task ID) are optional properties which is for informational purposes only.

Group by Sub tasks in grid view



Hope this blog provides you the complete information about sub tasks and its usage in Apps4.Pro Planner Manager app.

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