Migrate a Yammer network across Office 365 tenants

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In the world of Office365 tenant migration, there are scenarios where some services can’t be migrated at all. One such service is Yammer.

Yammer is an enterprise social networking service used for private communication within organizations. Because of its simplicity to discuss and manage topics, it is widely adopted by organizations. But when the tenants get migrated, Yammer contents can’t be taken along to new tenant as other compared to other services. It’s been a long story organization request migration support for Yammer because they don’t want to miss the valuable data in it.

No more worries! Apps4Pro Migration Manager now migrates Yammer across Office 365 tenants. This app migrates -

About Apps4.Pro Migration Manager

Apps4.Pro is the only tool which migrates most of the features in Microsoft Teams between tenants. It migrates -

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Yammer migration is now avaialble only in Private preview. Please contact sales@jijitechnologies.com to enroll for this preview program.