How Apps4.Pro migrates Microsoft 365 Power Automate (Flows) between different Office 365 tenants ?

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Microsoft’s Power Automate being a service, helps you create automated workflows between your favourite apps and services to synchronize files, get notifications, collect data, and more.

Each organization would create numerous such workflows between various internal systems. When your organization gets transitioned to another Office365 tenant during a merger or acquisition, there is a possibility of losing these numerous Flows. Apps4.Pro pitches-in as a saviour in preserving your critical Flows in such cases.

Yes, Apps4.Pro is delighted to announce its pioneer support established for the migration of Power Automate flows across tenants.

Key highlights

Apps4.Pro offers an impeccable migration of the Power Automate Cloud Flows from Source to Target tenants. The tool highlights include :

Tenant-level Inventory Report

Apps4.Pro offers the complete tenant-level inventory of the flows created by users, for the admins to better plan the migration.

Coverage of Flows at Environment Level

Apps4.Pro presents the overall view of the Flows across environments and also takes cares of the migration of the environment-level Flows. The tool also diligently provides a Source-To-Target Environment Mapping which eases out the migration of the Flows to a targeted Environment.

Automated Connector Mapping

When it comes to re-create the target mapping of the connectors to individual flows, it takes a lot of manual effort and time.

Apps4.Pro pitches here to provide the Automated Connector Mapping + Automated Connector to Flow Mapping. This buys a lot of time for the admins who otherwise has to do all these mappings manually which is pain some and time consuming.

Apps4.Pro allows you to sit back and relax! You need to bother to add only the connectors which are not available in the target tenant.

Auto-mapping of resources

The tool judiciously provides an auto-mapping of the below elements to lessen the time consumed rather manually achieving this.

  • User
  • Group
  • Plan
  • Bucket
  • Teams Tag
  • Channel
  • SharePoint Site URL
  • SharePoint List
  • Outlook Folders
  • Calendar
  • Outlook Task
  • OneNote
  • Word
  • Excel

For example : Consider in the source tenant, Flow A has an action mapped to Plan A. If a plan with name Plan A exist in Target, the tool sensibly maps it to the migrated flow in the target.

The tool facilitates migration of desired flows and archive the remaining ones. Here is the View of the User Portal summarizing their Flows.

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