How Apps4.Pro migrates Shared Channels in Microsoft Teams between different M365 tenants

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Microsoft Teams has released the most anticipated feature “Shared Channel”. This feature facilitates the users to collaborate seamlessly with internal and external partners beyond the boundaries of a team.

Shared channels are quite similar to private channels. Both share a private space to silo the shared information & collaborations among the channel members only. With this new feature coming in, you don’t need to switch tenants to access a channel in another tenant since they appear very much in your home tenant.

Apps4.Pro is delighted to announce its pioneer support established for the migration of shared channels across tenants.

Apps4.Pro migrates the key attributes of a Shared Channel including the channel conversations, files and memberships.

Migration of Shared Channel

When performing a Microsoft Teams Migration, the shared channels are also included by default. On top of it, the tool offers the choice to include various tabs along with the migration of Shared Channel.

Creating the Teams Migration Job can be done in minutes. Just select the teams(that contain the Shared Channel) and the content you want to migrate along with the channels. The app will take care of the rest. You can sit back and relax !

What is supported in Shared Channel migration ?

The below features part of the Shared Channels are migrated to the target tenant.



      Wiki tabs

      Office tabs

      Website tabs

In addition, Apps4.Pro enables the users to migrate the Shared Channel to a :

Migration samples

Channel conversations

Files tab

Office tab (PowerPoint)

Website tab

For more information about Shared Channels : Refer this link.