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The users of Office 365 very often raise the question about migration in teams as they encounter difficulties in migrating components of one tenant to another.

Companies acquiring some other company is a regular occurrence in the corporate world. In such cases, migration of data is vital that ensures progress of operations without delay.

Individual professionals also get into this situation. Most of them search for the right option and ask for the right solution in forums.

Following are some picks from forums, which would help the users of office 365 to know more about it.

1. frequently working on Office 365 migration projects. We are also working on some merger / carve-out projects so we frequently need to move data out of tenant no 1 and re-import that data to tenant no #2.

Currently this cannot be done by the existing graph api, as there is no support to access several data like chat conversation etc. Unfortunately, a support request answered that it is also not possible to get that from the support right now.

You can make use of Apps4.pro migration manager and migrate your 1to1 private chats with less effort. What you need is ‘keying in’ of the credentials of source and target tenants and few more clicks. That is all!

2.The chat message in Teams stores in user’s exchange online mailbox. Therefore, you can use content search to find the chat message in Exchange online mailbox, and then export the search result to a pst file, then you can import those files into new mailboxes.

Start to use Apps4.pro migration manager and eliminate your difficulties in migration of chats. Migration in teams is few steps away and there is no need for search, file conversion and migration of certain chat threads. Do it simply and migrate all threads instantly.

3.Is it possible to migrate chat messages from an old tenant to a new tenant (teams chat)? Does anyone have any advice?*

Apps4.pro migration manager does it perfectly! Join with our office 365 users who use it for migration in teams and migrate chat messages from one tenant to other tenant in simple and easy steps.

Why should you use Apps4.pro migration manager

Migration of chats is a brand new and unique feature of Apps4.pro migration manager and it comes from a professional company Jiji Technologies which is a Microsoft Certified Gold Partner.

Following image shows ‘migration completed’ status and you get it in simple and easy steps.

In chat migration in teams, you can migrate

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Migration of one to one private chat is one of features App4.pro offers and it is a bundle of whole set of features, which make your migration in office 365 an effortless job.

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